Bespoke Software Development and Consultancy Company

Micropaws Ltd is a bespoke business software development and consultancy company specializing in the development of enterprise application software. Established in 1998, we have a proven track record of delivering custom solutions for our clients in both the public and private sectors.

Our Philosophy

By adopting an agile approach to software development we are able to deliver a quality solution with a predictable cost and schedule. We believe that the delivery of a successful software project relies on working closely with our clients to develop a mutual trust and rapport.

By involving the client in every step of the project; from prioritizing features, to iteration planning and review of new features incorporated into frequent software builds we ensure there is transparency and a high degree of collaboration allowing us the opportunity to truly understand the client’s vision.

By allowing the client to determine the priority of features, we are able to focus development on the areas that are important to the client’s business and deliver the most benefit. In aligning features with the needs of real users we are able to ensure each feature incrementally delivers value, allowing us to elicit early feedback and incorporate necessary changes.